WATCH: Ina Raymundo reenacts terrifying zombie transformation scene in 'Block Z'


Posted at Jan 11 2020 10:26 PM

Ina Raymudo gamely reenacts what it was like turning into a zombie for 'Block Z.' Michael Bagtas, ABS-CBN News

MANILA -- Ina Raymundo was one of the stars of "Block Z" who sat down with reporters this Saturday to talk about the wild time they had shooting the zombie movie, scheduled to open this January 29. 

During the wide-ranging talk -- which included topics such as running around what felt like two kilometers per day, and being blown back by the recoil of a shotgun -- Raymundo ecstatically shared how it was turning into a bloody zombie. 

As seen in the trailers for the film, Raymundo becomes one of the infected and she gamely reenacted that transformation for the press -- even jumping on one of the reporters upfront to "bite" her. 

Check it out in the clip below: 

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According to the cast, filming a zombie movie was one of the most challenging but fun experiences they have had in a long time. 

Filming short scenes took "forever" as they had to shoot each multiple times from different angles. 

They also had to fix the scene (includes repainting floors with blood) for the repeated takes to what it was like before the cameras rolled to maintain the continuity. 

Raymundo, however, had immense praise for their director, Mikhail Red ("Eerie," "Birdshot") as he managed to make it feel "easy" for them. 

The movie is led by Joshua Garcia, Julia Barretto, and Ian Veneracion. It also stars Dimples Romana, Maris Racal, Yves Flores, and Mccoy De Leon. 

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