Why Erich, Daniel 'never had a major fight'


Posted at Jan 12 2016 01:06 AM | Updated as of Oct 24 2016 05:43 PM

MANILA -- Celebrity couple Erich Gonzales and Daniel Matsunaga have shared their secrets in maintaining a happy and peaceful relationship, despite cultural differences.

In an interview with Boy Abunda on Monday, Gonzales said they immediately try to fix a problem as soon as it arises. According to her, they never had a "major fight."

"Ayaw naming dumating sa puntong 'yon. If mayroong something, Tito Boy, right then and there we will fix it na po," she said.

"We try to cut it from the roots. If there's any misunderstanding, we fix it," Matsunaga added.

The couple said that the biggest challenge they had was language barrier, especially because Matsunaga grew up speaking Portuguese.

Gonzales, however, said that they are both trying to learn each other's culture. In fact, Matsunaga knows some Visayan phrases, which he picked up when he visited the Gonzales family in Davao.

"Adlaw adlaw gihigugma kita [Everyday, I love you]," he told Erich.

Erich has also learned some Portuguese phrases, which she also picked up when she met Matsunaga's family.

Marriage plans


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The couple denied rumors that they had a prenuptial photo shoot in Bali. According to Matsunaga, they were only celebrating his birthday when they took the photos, which they posted on Instagram.

Matsunaga, however, said they have future plans, including getting married.

"My future is with her na," he quipped.

Travel plans

A certified wanderlust, the couple have already visited many places together, and they are planning to add more to their list.

According to them, they are planning to visit Alaska to see the famous Northern Lights, also known as Aurora Borealis.

After shooting their current project, they will also visit Brazil to see Matsunaga's hometown and family.

As for now, they are both focused on making "kilig" scenes for their upcoming series "Be My Lady," which is set to air on January 18. 

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