'No way!' Passengers shocked to see Isabelle Daza as their TNVS driver


Posted at Jan 10 2018 05:38 PM

MANILA - TV star and socialite Isabelle Daza got shocked reactions from TNVS passengers who, unknown to them, had booked the Kapamilya actress as their driver for the trip.

In an episode of her "In Real Life" Facebook series, a pregnant Daza is shown borrowing the TNVS, or transport network vehicle service, of a certain Kuya Domingo, whom she also asked for tips on getting a five-star rating from passengers. His answer: be courteous and start the trip with a warm greeting.


The manual transmission posed as an extra challenge to Daza, who had to adjust to it. But the actual "stress" started when she got trip requests. Pressured to get to her passengers on time, she quipped, "I hate my life right now!"

Despite this, her first trip went smoothly. As expected, Daza's passenger was shocked to see the 29-year-old daughter of beauty queen Gloria Diaz in the driver's seat. 

"Oh my god! What is going on?" the passenger exclaimed, before taking selfies later on in the trip.

The next passenger had a similar jaw-drop reaction to seeing Daza. "No way! My gosh!" he said. After exchanging stories about good practices of TNVS drivers, Daza also obliged to a group photo with the man and his companions.

"I'm so happy that this turned out great, because my two passengers, they're pleasant to be with," Daza said at the end of the video. "Now, I'm definitely going to be nicer to drivers."