Vic, Pia: happily separated; Willie, Shalani: Friendly flirtation

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Posted at Jan 10 2011 07:18 AM | Updated as of Jan 11 2011 09:01 PM

MANILA, Philippines - Vic, Pia: happily separated; Willie, Shalani: Friendly flirtation 1Curtain-raisers:

Text jokes to start your week on a light note:

From Leah Salterio: Who says that we don’t exercise? We jump to conclusion, we throw our weight around, we stretch the truth, we bend the rules and we push our luck.

From Dr. Welson Yap:

Dear Ate Charo,

Isang gabing umuulan, katatapos ko pa lang maligo at tanging tuwalya ang saplot ko. Pumasok ako sa kuwarto at umupo sa harap ng salamin. Pumasok din si Itay at agad n’yang ni-lock ang pintuan.

Lumapit s’ya sa akin at hinaplos n’ya ang buhok ko. Hindi ako nakapagsalita. Napapikit na lang ako at lumuha. Hinaplos n’ya ang buong mukha ko.

Pagmulat ko, nabigla ako sa nakita ko sa salamin. Bigla akong gumanda! Marunong pala mag-make-up si Itay. Umamin s’ya na bading s’ya. Maya-maya ay nag-iyakan kami dahil naging open s’ya.

Ate Charo, mas magugustuhan ako ng BF ko ngayon.



Talk about traveling in style! A controversial figure flew in from San Francisco with, hold your breath, 16 (yes, 16, count ‘em!) pieces of designer luggage (Prada, Chanel and Balenciaga) that required a thorough screening at the Sanfo airport customs. Wow, grabeng bagahe! According to a co-passenger, the woman “was so maarte” even when she was just using the lavatory. She and her daughter were in Business Class seated beside a real wealthy couple (the wife was so simple and so unassuming that she was wearing only a pair of Crocs). Added the co-passenger, “It was very clear to see who was born rich and who was feeling rich. But she’s really pretty even with her heavily-Botoxed face.” Who’s the “feeling rich” controversial figure? Her initials are somewhere in this paragraph.

* * *

Two pairs in stark contrast but with one thing in common: they are friendly in front of the TV cameras.

As Funfare has been reporting, Vic Sotto and Pia Guanio formally ended their nearly seven years of going steady in July last year, but they have remained friendly toward each other as can be seen on Eat, Bulaga! where they sometimes tease each other, with Vic giving Pia a hug and a kiss. That’s what friends are for, isn’t it?

Vic is famous for romancing his Bulaga! co-hosts (Christine Jacob, Angela Luz and Coney Reyes; he has a kid each with Coney and Angela) who would quit the show as soon as the romance ended. Yes, the hosting job was co-terminus with the romance. But Pia seems to be the exception to the rule. She has broken the “tradition” and stayed on on the show that has remained unchallenged and undefeated for more than three decades.

Is it possible for an ex-couple to happily co-host and co-exist after the love is gone? Of course, it is. Vic and Pia are the best proof.

The good news is that Pia has found a new love in the person of Steve (surname withheld, so far) with whom, according to Funfare DPAs, she has been “on” since September last year. Steve, between 26 and 30 years old, comes from a rich family who lives in Ayala Alabang, although Steve maintains a posh bachelor’s pad in Makati. Steve is a Filipino. His family is into the car-rental business. As Funfare reported a few issues ago, Steve was with Pia’s family during a post-Christmas holiday in Shanghai. Pia is happy with her new love and it shows, doesn’t it?

Meanwhile, Vic is said to be keeping an interested eye on Gwen Zamora, the Hilda Koronel lookalike who was his leading lady in Si Agimat at si Enteng Kabisote, the 2010 Metro Filmfest top-grosser. The irony of it all is that it was Pia who had to report the story on 24 Oras last Friday, quoting sources as saying that Vic spent Christmas Eve with Gwen’s family. Gwen said that Vic did bring her home because she didn’t have a car that night — “But he didn’t get in; he just stayed outside.” Hmmm, serious relationships usually start that way.

Fair is fair. Pia has found a (slightly) younger man, so what will stop Vic from finding his own younger woman? If she and Vic end up as an item, Gwen doesn’t have to worry about being criticized for going out with a “married man” because Vic has been “un-married” (from Dina Bonnevie) a long time ago and is therefore legally an eligible bachelor.

* * *

What about Willie Revillame and his Willing Willie co-host Shalani Soledad? Well, the status is “not quite yet,” not even in the courting stage — yet.

The two are just being “friendly flirtatious” before the cameras, the better to whet the curiosity of Willing Willie’s tsismoso/tsismosa followers — you know, a refresher in-between Willie’s generous shelling out of eye-popping cold cash and other mouth-watering prizes that include houses & lots and cars.

In her more than two months on the show, the Valenzuela City councilor has remained shy and restrained, talking in a very sloooooow manner fit for the convent but not for a jolly game show. Friends have been advising Shalani to spring out of her shell, put more punch to her spiels, and be more alive and lively. That’s why she has started to “flirt” with Willie a bit, all for show and not (yet) for real.

“Ayoko ng babaero,” Shalani has been vocal, referring to nobody in particular but she can always eat back her words and…

Asked what the real score is between him and Shalani, Willie told Funfare, “Binibiro ko lang para sumaya s’ya at para pa-cute lang,” adding that no, he is not courting Shalani…yet?

Shalani texted Funfare, “Nah, we are not (‘on’). We are just enjoying the show. Nagko-comedy lang si Willie.”

So if you see them having snacks or dinner together in his dressing room or vice-versa, don’t jump to conclusion. Friends can eat together, can‘t they?

Helpful tips for showbiz couples

‘Fight fairly’ is one of the tips from Dr. Randy Dellosa (left) to newlyweds like Ogie Alcasid and Regine Velasquez
Dr. Randy Dellosa, life coach and relationship counselor to showbiz personalities, offers the following tips to newlyweds like Ogie Alcasid and Regine Velasquez and the soon-to-be-wed like Oyo Sotto and Kristine Hermosa (who are set to exchange vows in very secret ceremony on 1-11-11):

• Think in terms of “we” and not just “me.” A marriage is a partnership, a team with two players. Both spouses must be ready to make sacrifices for the betterment of the marriage.

• Fight fairly. Conflict happens, no matter how compatible a couple is. Newlyweds must learn to keep cool, negotiate and be respectful even during disagreements.

• Communicate. Both spouses should communicate thoughts and feelings, and understand each other’s viewpoint even if they disagree with each other. Most people just want to be heard, not necessarily agreed with.

• Be each other’s best friend. Have fun together, keep a sense of humor despite difficulties and be affectionate and caring toward each other.

Said Randy, “Couple with troublesome issues and conflicts should consider relationship counseling. Relationship counselors help couples, married or not, resolve conflicts and improve relationships.

Come to think of it, those tips apply not just to showbiz couples but to all other couples.

(Note: Dr. Randy Dellosa can be reached through Or call 415-6529.)

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