Jake and Gerald can pass as PMA cadets


Posted at Jan 07 2009 01:39 AM | Updated as of Jan 07 2009 09:39 AM

Jake and Gerald can pass as PMA cadets 1Even if the temperature in Baguio was nearly freezing, the cast and production of "Tayong Dalawa" went there to shoot some of the ‘big scenes’ of the show.

Some scenes were taken at the Philippine Military Association since Jake Cuenca and Gerald Anderson would both give life to PMA cadets.

Their role is not easy. Their movements are limited because the uniform that the PMA-ers wear is considered sacred. In fact, the uniform should be properly worn without any crinkle. They should not shout or crack jokes while wearing it.

“Sobrang sikip pero kailangan,” Anderson expressed when asked how he feels wearing a PMA uniform.

According to a PMA official who facilitated the scenes, the "Tayong Dalawa" shoot is the biggest and the most difficult taping so far.

Jake and Gerald had a hard time on some scenes because they did not have any CAT (Citizen Army Training) experience. But they were able to pull it off with the help of real PMA officials.

Since they need to act and look like real PMA cadets, Cuenca and Anderson also had their hair cut.

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