Celebrities join calls for justice following death of flight attendant


Posted at Jan 05 2021 02:28 PM


MANILA — Bianca Gonzalez and Frankie Pangilinan have joined calls for justice following the death of flight attendant Christine Dacera.

Using the trending Twitter hashtag #JusticeForChristineDacera, Gonzalez wrote that “rape happens because of rapists, not because anyone ‘asked for it.’”

On the other hand, Pangilinan, who has been vocal in calling for "denormalizing" the rape culture in the country, said: “It is never the clothes, never the drinks — never the victim, period. It is always, ALWAYS, the rapist’s fault. How many more times do we have to hammer this home for it to stick in your thick skulls, please??!??!”

Pangilinan also expressed her disappointment over the use of some netizens of the hashtag #ProtectDrunkGirls.

“The hashtag rly shouldn’t be ‘protect drunk girls’ man, it should be respect tf out of any human being because drunk girls shouldn’t be needing any more protection than drunk guys. that’s exactly what’s wrong here, though — a few drinks and we’re suddenly no longer people ig,” she wrote, as is.

“Like it’s fked up, i get it — girls have so much more to fear in intoxication. but it’s so damn sad that we have to be ‘protected’, because that implies this kind of danger is inevitable, when it’s not. teach your fkin kids not to rape people, let us deal with the hangovers,” she added.

Dacera, 23, was found unconscious in the bathtub of a Makati City hotel after celebrating the New Year. She was rushed to Makati Medical Center but was declared dead-on-arrival.

Dacera's family, in a separate interview, showed ABS-CBN News photos of the flight attendant's wounds and bruises. Police, meanwhile, said that based on initial autopsy reports, there were indications Dacera was sexually abused.

At least 10 suspects could be charged with rape and homicide, police added. 

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