Kris Aquino confirms split with Mel Sarmiento, posts screenshots of his breakup message


Posted at Jan 03 2022 10:38 PM | Updated as of Jan 04 2022 08:51 AM

Former Interior Secretary Mel Sarmiento and actress-host Kris Aquino made public their relationship in August, and then announced their engagement in October. Instagram: @krisaquino
Former Interior Secretary Mel Sarmiento and actress-host Kris Aquino made public their relationship in August, and then announced their engagement in October. Instagram: @krisaquino

MANILA — Actress-host Kris Aquino announced on Monday that she and her fiancé, former Interior Secretary Mel Sarmiento, have separated.

Aquino, 50, confirmed the split through an Instagram post that includes updates about her health condition and how it affected her relationship with Sarmiento.

“I want to spare myself and my loved ones from further rumors and speculation,” she wrote.

Aquino stirred speculation earlier on Monday when she appeared to remove posts that include Sarmiento from her widely followed Instagram page.

In her statement, Aquino detailed her “deteriorating” health due to her autoimmune disease, and the resulting need to fly to the US to seek medical treatment.

“My health has continued to deteriorate, and I will soon fly abroad for further diagnostic tests and if needed, do all the treatments and procedures to help address my drastic weight loss (I now weigh 88 lbs/ 40 kilos) and if still possible, strengthen my immunity,” she said.

“From last quarter of 2018, I’ve long known that my autoimmune conditions could only be treated but never cured. I have accepted the truth, many complications from having autoimmune may arise, especially because I am immunocompromised and we have been forced to live with a nearly two-year worldwide pandemic.

“My faith in God has taught me I must completely surrender all, to His Will and His Timing,” she wrote.

Aquino’s condition, based on screenshots of Sarmiento’s “last message” to her she shared, was a major factor in their breakup.

Aquino and Sarmiento had gone public with their romance in August 2021, followed by the announcement of their engagement in October.

“Sa pinagdadaanan ko ngayon, may tao bang gustong pag-usapan pa ang kaniyang paghihiwalay? But in order for me to be able to peacefully move on, and focus on myself and my health, because my sons still need me — Kuya Josh has autism, and Bimb will only turn 18 in three years, three months, and 16 days — I must end this chapter.

“I will just post screenshots of Mel’s last text message to me. After that you will never read nor hear anything at all about him from me, because I still want to preserve whatever dignity I have left.

“By doing this I only request for some respect for my humanity and privacy now and in the coming months when I fight for my health, because I was brave enough to show you and tell you the truth,” she said.

According to Sarmiento’s supposed final message to Aquino, he had intended to accompany his former fiancée, but ultimately decided against it citing his exposure to other people after going to a mall.

“I’m reminded of what you’re doctor cousin told me, the responsibility of making sure you don’t get COVID given [you’re] auto immune,” Sarmiento’s message to Aquino showed.

“That’s the reason I decided not to proceed there because I might further put you at risk and I don’t want to be blamed for it,” he said.

Sarmiento’s succeeding words for Aquino indicated that they had previously discussed the complications of the latter’s condition, and how it has affected their relationship. Further, Aquino appears to have offered Sarmiento to let him go. 

“For the past two days, I had enough time to think about things and accepted the fact that ensuring you don’t get COVID is an enormous responsibility.

“Given my nature, who loves to go out, I accept the fact that I already have a bubble fatigue and I will not be able to, sad to say, be able to continue living in a bubble.

“On that note, with a heavy heart, I accepted your offer of letting me go. For I cannot in conscience be able to accept that something will happen to you brought about [by] my going out of the bubble.

“I will always cherish in my heart the happy moments we had together. I do love you, but I guess this is goodbye for your life is of greatest importance given that you have Bimby and Josh to take care of. You will forever be in my heart.”