‘The Killer Bride’: Death of major character shocks fans


Posted at Jan 01 2020 08:16 PM | Updated as of Jan 01 2020 11:43 PM

‘The Killer Bride’: Death of major character shocks fans 1
Camila (Maja Salvador) and Emma (Janella Salvador) mourn the death of a major character in ‘The Killer Bride.’ ABS-CBN

MANILA — A series with no shortage of twists, “The Killer Bride” managed another shock for viewers on Monday with the death of a major character.

Fabio (Miko Raval) had been unconscious in the hospital for days, but with hints of recovery that had some fans counting on him to wake up.

Those hopes were dashed, however, as Alice, disguised as the “killer groom,” kidnapped the helpless Fabio and tortured him before taking his life.

It was a case of “an eye for an eye” for Alice, who wanted to inflict the same grief on Camila (Maja Salvador). Alice’s secret lover, Luciano (Cris Villanueva), had earlier died after being shot dead by Fabio.

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Fabio, who had helped Camila re-establish her life after being presumed dead, also became her partner and a father figure to her adopted daughter, Emma (Janella Salvador).

In a heartbreaking scene in the December 31 episode of “The Killer Bride,” Camila and Emma frantically searched for Fabio, only to find his lifeless body in the morgue.

Actor Raval’s exit from the show catapulted the series as a top trend on Twitter, with so-called “Cambio” (Camila and Fabio) fans who had been hoping for a happy ending, expressing their shock with the turn of events.

Fabio’s death came just as “The Killer Bride” started counting down to its finale, scheduled on January 17, after five months on air.