This is how Vice Ganda measures success


Posted at Jan 01 2019 04:45 PM


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“Fantastica,” like Vice Ganda’s past five Metro Manila Film Festival entries, is a box-office frontrunner.

But while it’s an achievement worth celebrating, the comedian doesn’t consider his latest film as the measure of his success.

On the last day of 2018, Vice Ganda on Instagram proclaimed he is “accomplished,” and that Tutoy, his childhood nickname, is “successful” — but not because “Fantastica” is a hit.

Sharing a photo with his mother Rosario Viceral, Vice Ganda explained: “Last year she said she wished to go to Barcelona to be able to see the Sagrada Familia. My profession deprives me of quality time with my family. So when given the chance I make sure every moment counts and everything creates a wonderful memory.

“Before this year ends I brought her to where she wished to be. I didn’t know we had to book online to get access inside the church. So I asked a friend for help. Unfortunately only one could get inside. And like a parent to a child I am now patiently waiting for her to finish her ‘field trip’ inside the Sagrada Familia.”

He then declared: “I am the happiest son right now!”


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“’Fantastica’ is such a huge hit and continues to win in box office. But for me this is a bigger achievement. My biggest so far. To be able to grant my Nanay’s wishes as she gets older is big deal for me. Vice Ganda is accomplished. Tutoy is successful. This is how I end my 2018.”

Vice Ganda, 42, has made no secret of his humble upbringing in Tondo, Manila, as well as his dream of affording a better life for his family. A long-time standup comedy performer, Vice Ganda made his breakthrough in 2009 via ABS-CBN’s “It’s Showtime,” and has since skyrocketed as a multimedia superstar.

“Fantastica,” which will run in cinemas until January 7 alongside other MMFF entries, was announced as the leading film in terms of ticket sales by the festival committee on its first week.