Matanglawin: Teddy and Kuya Kim rock it out

by Grace Sucgang, Multimedia producer, Matanglawin

Posted at Oct 11 2010 02:14 PM | Updated as of Oct 11 2010 10:17 PM

Showtime’s rocker Teddy Corpuz is in for a big surprise, when he gives a day in a life of a bat and a frog a try. But will these challenges be a match for Teddy? Don’t be fooled if Kuya Kim makes it look so easy! 

We all know Teddy can rock it out and churn out a tune, but can he imitate animals the way Kuya Kim can? As they say: “Sample naman diyan!”

And without fail he grabs his guitar and strums without missing a beat: “Samahan niyo ako sa Matanglawin, guest ako ngayon ni Kuya Kim. Matutuwa kayo at mag-e-enjoy, marami pa kayong matutunan. Matutunan, matutunan, matutunaannn! Yeah!” 

His transformation begins with life as a bat. But what’s this? He turns into a one-of-a-kind caped crusader without a mask! No need to panic because he’s no superhero in this episode, but a bat learning the ways of moving around and hunting in the animal kingdom with Kuya Kim as his mentor.

 While Kuya Kim crawls on all fours like a good quadruped lizard should, Teddy flaps his arms just like a bat, the only mammal that uses wings to move about. But being a mammal isn’t the only similarity people have with bats, because just like us, they also have five fingers! 

After a while, Teddy gets hungry from all that flapping around. Is he starting to realize that being an animal for a day is not as easy as it looks? It’s no wonder brown bats can eat up to 600 mosquitoes all in one hour!
But did you know that some bats actually drink blood? This diet is called hematophagy and is the basis of vampires in fiction just like “Twilight” and the drama series “Imortal”!

 Then again, for someone like Teddy, mosquitoes and blood just don’t quite cut it. Neither do crickets which Kuya Kim ate for merienda during his day as a lizard. To get food, Kuya Kim had to crawl and extend his tongue just like a chameleon except that he can’t extend it as fast or longer than his body like a chameleon normally does. 

As a bat, Teddy is blindfolded and hunts using a different technique which he calls…bat radar!
For real bats, their bat radar is actually echo location or biosonar, which they use to locate their prey or find their way in the dark by using sound waves bouncing against cave walls or anything solid in their way.
Just like a ball hitting something and bouncing back, the faster it returns, the nearer the object is.

 Using his bat radar, he stumbles upon something that seems tasty…only to find out that it’s uok or the larvae of a rhinoceros beetle! Can he stomach it? 

“Ha ha!” Teddy laughs, “Sisiw lang pala iyong kinain mo, Kuya Kim, eh, kayang kaya ko ‘yan.” He even says bon apetit! But all that changes after the first bite and he spits it out!
“Kuya Kim, mahirap pala ang trabaho mo! Cheers tayo, rock’ n’ roll! Di ko na ulit gagawin ‘to! Haaa! Pangit ng lasa!”
Sorry to break it to you, Teddy, it isn’t over yet because you have to experience the life of a frog!

 Just like a frog morphing from an egg to a tadpole to a full-grown amphibian, Teddy morphs into a frog complete with webbed feet. But can he jump as high? Frogs are known as the best leapers because they can jump up to 20 times their own height. If Teddy could do that, he’d be leaping over houses! 

If Teddy can’t move exactly like a frog, can Kuya Kim move just like a crocodile? Of course, he can! Whether it’s the gallop, high walk or belly walk, Kuya Kim walks like a croc and even demonstrates the infamous and very lethal death roll to grab a chicken (fried, of course!) with his teeth and rolling over and over to crush the bones of his next meal.

 What else can Teddy do as a frog? Call on his frog friends and form a group of frogs which is called an army? Bask in the sun to warm up his body temperature as a cold-blooded amphibian? 

After thinking it over, Teddy decides to go for…what else but a swim? Frogs, after all, with their webbed feet, are designed for swimming. It’s just too bad that Teddy’s flippers seem to have a mind of their own and drift away from him as soon as he dives into the water!

 Teddy in his frog suit and flippers aren’t the only one who went for a dip in the water because Kuya Kim also challenged himself to outlast a crocodile in holding one’s breath underwater. 

However, after a whole day of taping, Kuya Kim only lasted for a minute and a half whereas a crocodile can last for 15-20 minutes. But crocodiles have the advantage because they can slow down the beats of their hearts to 2-3 beats per minute, so they won’t have to use up too much oxygen while underwater.
It just goes to prove that animals also have the upper hand in some areas compared to people. And it looks like Teddy has realized it too. So from now on, appreciate animals and not just on World Animal Day every October 4.
Being an animal isn’t easy…and neither is being Kuya Kim! October 10, 2010