Patrol ng Pilipino: Kasambahay Bill and Baby Snatchers

By Ana Lea Macdon, Multimedia Producer, Patrol ng Pilipino

Posted at Sep 18 2012 07:08 PM | Updated as of Sep 19 2012 03:09 AM

Filipino household helpers are known for their dedication to their jobs. They are also recognized for their ability to establish a good relationship with their employers because they consider them as an extension of their own family.

Nowadays, we are bombarded with news on different cases of maltreatment or abuse to household helpers. 

According to a police report, the case of Bonita Baran is said to be the worst.

Baran said that her employer, Analiza Marzan, made her eat dead cockroaches, hit her on the head and punched her in the eyes that caused her right eyesight to be blind.
Baran's case is just one of the many maltreatment cases of helpers in the Philippines.

These abusive and humiliating actions of the employers toward helpers are the main reason for the Lower House to propose the House Bill 6144 or the Domestic Workers’ Act, popularly known as the Kasambahay Bill.

Join Jenny Reyes as she delves into the significance of the Kasambahay Bill.

Learn how this bill will protect and benefit the household helpers to have equal rights.

Learn also about the stories of two different helpers with opposite extreme experiences on the hands of their employers.

Meanwhile, Jacque Manabat will probe the growing number of cases of missing babies.

The loss of the three-week old infant of Jennifer Francisco was caught on CCTV. The recorded video showed that a certain woman took her baby from the hospital.

According to Francisco, the said woman introduced herself as a worker from a foundation and offered her a free medical check-up.

It is innate to every mother to protect their own child. And one thing that will surely make every mother’s life miserable is when she gets separated from her child.

In Patrol ng Pilipino, know how kidnappers choose their victims and learn some tips on how to prevent these attacks.   

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