Rated K: Pamilya

by Vky Dio Mendoza, Multimedia Producer, Rated K

Posted at Aug 15 2011 07:25 PM | Updated as of Aug 19 2011 01:52 AM

“Bilang pangunahing pangkat ng ating lipunan, ang ating PAMILYA ang unang humuhubog ng ating pagkatao at unang dadamay sa atin sa oras man ng tagumpay o kabiguan. Maaaring magkakaiba ang estado ng bawat pamilya, maging ang paraan ng pagharap sa anumang hamon ng buhay.. ang sigurado, iisa lamang ang pundasyon, at ito ang walang kondisyong pagmamahal at pakikiramay na tanging ang lukso ng dugo ng kaPAMILYA ang makapagbibigay.”

- Korina B. Sanchez

Lahing alimango

In the town of Looc in Romblon, a family is known to have crab-like features.

This deformity of the Bernardo family makes it more difficult for them to survive their already challenging life, add to that the mockery they receive from people who don’t seem to care and consider their situation.

According to experts, the family is suffering from a condition called ectrodactyly. Studies show that 1 out of 50,000 to 100,000 people suffer from this circumstance, which is common among poor Asian countries or even rich countries in Europe.

Gunding is the eldest among the four Bernardo siblings. Stories say that she and sister Lucy got these crab-like features from their father. Gunding fell in love with a certain Lando (who left her eventually) and their affair resulted to a daughter named Monchita, who also suffers from ‘ectrodactyly’, just like her mother.

Kanta pamilya

Rodolfo and Maria Luntayao express their love for each other by singing “Ikaw Lamang Ang Aking Iibigin”.

This family proved that talents may be passed on from generation to generation.

Imagine, all ten children were able to inherit the golden singing voice of proud parents Rodolfo and Maria Luntayao. What started as a family bonding during “karaoke” sessions at home honed the voices of the kids and eventually, they began joining and winning singing competitions as one big, happy family.

The Luntayao Family was Pilipinas Got Talent’s first grand finalist from the Visayas. This family of singers hails from Hinigaran, Negros Occidental.


“Kung ano ang puno, siya rin ang bunga.” This is a famous Filipino saying which translates to “Whatever the tree is, so is the fruit.”

Rodolfo Vera Quizon, or “Dolphy” as most Pinoys know him, and some of his sons who also joined showbiz as inspired by their dad.

This proverb is applicable to the families who are known to invade Philippine show business, particularly the Quizons, Eigenmanns and the Solers. Superb acting skills run in their blood and they excel as they take on different roles in the teleseryes and movies.

The “King of Comedy” Dolphy tells Rated K that in the field of showbiz, learning is a never-ending process; you have to know the ins and outs of the business. He instilled this piece of advice in the minds of most of his children who followed his footsteps.

Actress-turned-director Gina Alajar and ex-husband Michael de Mesa were also able to produce sons who love acting – Ryan, Geoff and AJ Eigenmann. Raquel Montesa got busy with her movie roles while husband Jun Soler tended to their family’s radio business. Raquel tells Rated K that her children usually comes with her during tapings, exposing them early to the world of showbiz.

Family ng beauty

When the heavens showered upon the earth the blessing of beauty, their family was probably able to receive most of it.

Four members of the family of TV host Bianca Manalo are beauty titlists – starting from her aunt Nini Ramos (Bb. Pilipinas-World 1968), her mom Norma Manalo (who won in a local beauty pageant), her older sister Katherine Manalo (Bb. Pilipinas-International 2002), down to her when she was crowned Bb. Pilipinas-Universe in 2008.

Bianca admits in a Rated K interview that she did not initially inform her family about her plans of joining the contest, because of the fear of not being included in the final list of candidates. In the end, it was her sister Katherine who gave her tips on proper posture and how to stand out during the Q&A portion.

A FAMILY OF BEAUTIES. From left to right: Nini Ramos, Norma Manalo, Katherine Manalo and Pamela Bianca Manalo Some of the awards won by Katherine Manalo during the 2002 Bb. Pilipinas pageant, where she won as Bb. Pilipinas-International.

Pamilya mangkukulam

The Vasquez family of San Mateo, Rizal may seem like an ordinary family, but they admit they have extraordinary “powers” – the power of “kulam” or witchcraft.

Mother Marietta Vasquez claims that she first got exposed to the craft back in childhood, when she would see her mother holding a black doll and black candle and chanting something which she could not understand. Only until she had a conflict regarding money with Josephine, was she able to apply what she learned from her mother. Josephine ended up losing her sight on her right eye and attributed this to Marietta’s “black magic”.

Daughter Rowena and son Ruel were also able to practice once in their lives this “kulam” power, against their partner and friend.

Tony, Marietta, Rowena and Ruel are well aware of the bad karma or consequence of their witchcraft knowledge and powers. They do not plan to use these again. A black doll and lots of black candles are mainly used in executing “black magic” or witchcraft.

August 14, 2011.