Patrol ng Pilipino: Whip of hazing and flooded dreams

Patrol ng Pilipino

Posted at Aug 06 2012 08:59 PM | Updated as of Aug 07 2012 04:59 AM

Fraternities offer a kind of closely-knit brotherhood which lures every neophyte student to come and be their new recruit.

To be part of this “brotherhood,” hazing becomes an initiation rite that one has to endure. But some were not lucky enough to survive.

Marc Andrei Marcos was the newest victim of hazing who died on Monday, July 30, 2012.

He was a law student from San Beda College Alabang but his was not the first case of death due to hazing this year.

Marvin Reglos, a law student from San Beda College Manila, suffered the same fate. He died earlier this year, in February.

In this upcoming episode of Patrol ng Pilipino, Jeff Canoy delves into the issue of hazing as he interviews a neophyte who survived a harsh initiation rite.

Despite attention from the media and concerned officials, it cannot be denied that hazing is still rampant and has become a perennial problem of the government and some law institutions.

What does the Anti-Hazing Law do to protect the victims of hazing?

Meanwhile, Manila faces a big problem: the garbage that piled up along Manila Bay when tropical storm 'Gener' ravaged the metropolis.

The garbage caused flooding along Roxas Boulevard that affected commuters, motorists and offices along the said street.

Jeck Batallones will find out how the government will go about solving the garbage problem in the city.

He will also report on the heartwarming stories of families living under the bridges of Manila who always suffer the brunt of the rainy season.

Shelter is a basic human right, but living in flooded shanties under a bridge is far from what is considered safe and secure by most people. How do shanty dwellers cope with flooding?

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