Dante Mendoza in 'Bottomline with Boy Abunda'


Posted at Jun 25 2010 03:22 PM | Updated as of Jun 25 2010 11:22 PM

MANILA, Philippines - Was there really a 'breach of trust' between the Philippines' critically-acclaimed indie film director Brillante "Dante" Mendoza and indie film actor Coco Martin?

Mendoza will speak about some of these issues on "The Bottomline with Boy Abunda" on Saturday on ABS-CBN.

From a simple production designer to an art director in the 80’s, Mendoza has now become one of the most notable independent film directors in the country after his movies “Masahista”, “Kaleldo”, “Tirador” and “Serbis” caught the attention of critics.

He won the “Best Director” trophy in the Cannes Film Festival for his film “Kinatay.”

Now that he has earned a name in the industry, Mendoza has had to face a lot of intrigues and issues.

His film “Kinatay” garnered negative feedback from movie critics, saying “the darkness of the film was not thematic”. There were also comments which said "Kinatay was the worst film ever screened in Cannes." As a director, what is his stand?

According to Mendoza’s friends and colleagues, he has become a victim of crab mentality and jealousy.

What can the indie film director say about people pulling him down?

Is it true that Bing Lao, the writer of "Kinatay," was also the real director of the movie project?

What is the real story behind Coco Martin’s decision to leave his side?

Was there really breach of trust between him and Coco because of the actor’s accidental frontal nudity in the film ‘Serbis’?

What can he say regarding comments that he is a “purveyor of poverty porn” in the Philippines?

All these and more as Brillante Mendoza takes the hot seat this Saturday on "The Bottomline with Boy Abunda" after the prime time telecast of Banana Split on ABS-CBN.

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