Sports Unlimited: Pampanga lahar adventures

By Jasmine Perez, Multimedia Producer, Sports Unlimited

Posted at Jun 05 2013 06:25 PM | Updated as of Jun 06 2013 02:25 AM

The Mount Pinatubo explosion is regarded as the world's second largest volcanic eruption of the twentieth century. Now, two decades after, Kapampangans have found a way to use the massive destruction their advantage.

A group of Kapampangan off-road enthusiasts, Club Overland, invited Sports Unlimited to discover the beauty of their land, located just 15 minutes away from Clark Freeport Zone.

The off-roaders first showed Pampanga's side of lahar paradise. From its breathtaking gorges to its vast riverbed, this place is definitely an off-roader's haven.

The drivers were clearly masters of the tracks. They were able to traverse all sorts of terrain, be they muddy, rocky, or sandy, and whether they were going downhill and uphill.

Sports Unlimited's hosts Marc Nelson and Dyan Castillejo are not 4x4 experts, but seeing the Pampanga circuit made them want to try off-road driving, too. Marc maneuvered a Land Rover while Dyan test drove a Lexus.

Off-roading is not just about speed, it is also about traversing the unpredictable and challenging terrain, the drivers of Club Overland said. The best part about Pampanga's riverbed is that it constantly changes, challenging even the most seasoned off-roaders.

Pampanga's lahar playground is an adventure oasis not just for 4x4 drivers. It is also a good place for families and barkadas who want to unwind and discover out-of-this-world views.

Club Overland promised Sports Unlimited that their trip won't be a typical drive out. And true enough, after their test drive, Marc and Dyan were treated to a gourmet lunch served in the middle of Pampanga's wilderness.

The dining table was set on a natural pool, overlooking beautiful gorges. Chef Philip Golding served scrumptious dishes using special ingredients sourced from his own deli.

The team was also treated to a Thai massage. The masseuses were trained by Thai experts, so it was not surprising that the ladies knew how to relieve Marc and Dyan's tired muscles. After their relaxing massage, the two dipped into a natural jacuzzi.

Marc and Dyan found out that adventures with Club Overland is not just about driving powerful 4x4s. The fun in off-road driving begins when you uncover new trails and stop by beautiful terrain.
Club Overland drives through Pampanga's wilderness at least once a week. They named each of their stops for the world's finest attractions, such as "Lake Tahoe", a beautiful natural lake.

Another stop was a place they called "The Gold Mine."

Marc and Dyan also visited what Club Overland called "The Batcave." There the lava trails were narrower but still wide enough for 4x4s to pass. At the end of the cavelike crevice was a hidden stream.

Marc and Dyan couldn't resist pulling over and stopping by one of the countless towering lahar formations. They decided to climb on top to get a better view of Pampanga's breathtaking gorges.

If you want to join Club Overland Off-Road, Gourmet and Spa Adventures, contact JC Soliman at 0920-9115598 or Dale Antonio at 0917-8994444.

Aired on June 1, 2013