Boa constrictor escapes from house in Germany

Deutsche Welle

Posted at Oct 30 2022 06:55 AM | Updated as of Oct 30 2022 07:47 AM

Photo by Justin Ziadeh on Unsplash
Photo by Justin Ziadeh on Unsplash

A 1.7 meter long boa constrictor (5 feet 7 inches) escaped from aa home in the western German town of Insheim, the police in the state of Rhineland-Palatinate said.

According to the police, the animal escaped from its terrarium on Saturday night and fled to freedom though the terrace door.

Since the owner's property borders other garden plots and a field, the officials were not able to immediately locate the non-poisonous boa constrictor.

Police warned passers-by not to try catching the snake "under any circumstances." They described the animal as yellow, 1.7-meter long and 7 to 8 centimeters in diameter. Any sightings are to be reported to the authorities.

The latest incident prompted comparisons with the similar event last year, when a venomous snake escaped its terrarium and prompted an apartment building evacuation in Cologne.

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