Wallets found blocking Batangas City drain pipe


Posted at Oct 18 2018 11:09 PM

Sanitation workers sort out credit cards and IDs after retrieving wallets from a drain, after local media reported that a stash of wallets were clogging a canal in Poblacion, Batangas City on October 16, 2018, in this still image taken from a video obtained from social media. Domav Panganiban/via Reuters

MANILA - Sanitation workers in Batangas City unblocking a drain discovered dozens of wallets had been clogging it up, some containing credit cards and IDs, but no money.

A man working near the scene shot video footage showing the workers sorting through wallets and removing and laying out items including identity cards found in them.

Police officer Mario David, who went to investigate what he suspected were stolen items, said many of the wallets were pulled out from deep in the drain, meaning they had been there for a long time.

None of them contained any money.

The items were turned over to police so they could identify and alert the owners who were likely victims of pickpockets, David said.