'DDS Confessions': Duterte supporters mistakenly spam page meant for school alumni in India


Posted at May 15 2020 06:57 AM | Updated as of May 15 2020 07:16 AM

The Facebook page Daisy Dales School confessions was meant as a portal for alumni of a school in New Delhi, India and had been the receiving end of support posts dedicated to President Rodrigo Duterte. Screengrab

MANILA - A Facebook page meant as an alumni support page for a secondary school in India supposedly became the receiving end of "spam" messages meant as a show of support for President Rodrigo Duterte, with the page owner baring his dismay over the antics.

The page — named Daisy Dales School Confessions — sounded the alarm after receiving hundreds of likes from Filipino users and started "spamming the posts beyond my understanding," for having the "DDS" acronym - a term colloquially used to refer to Duterte's supporters on the Internet.


"(One) this is not a cult/political page, and (two) DDS is a school located in INDIA and this page was meant to post content shared by the school alumni," he said.

He then called on the supporters: “For the love of whatever you guys worship - Please stop.”
Netizens were quick to speak up in disbelief over Facebook users who spam the "innocent" page with Duterte support posts.

While some took to comments to "apologize" in behalf of Filipinos who flooded the page's message board, others took to microblogging site Twitter to express their dismay.

In a later post, the admin bared "spending 12 hours without sleep" doing research on Duterte, citing reports on supposed human rights issues versus such as alleged rape jokes and supposed extrajudicial killings carried out by the administration.

“The way this guy utters horrendous stuff makes me believe in reincarnation because if Hitler was reborn, it would be him,” he said.

He later on questioned the number of supporters, saying: “This is 0.1% of the stuff I've gone through while reading about this abomination of a person. I would have mentioned more but what's the point?”

He later on bared that some pages have moved to “mass report” the account, much to the dismay of some netizens critical of those who mistook the handle as a Duterte support page.

"This page is being mass reported by Satan's tumor's little tumors, initiated by another page called 'Crabbler'. If this page gets deleted soon - just know that it's been an honour interacting with y'all," he said.

Some Filipino netizens came to the support of the admin, even adding in memes of their own in jest over the incident.

Despite the thank you's though, the page owner was quick to downplay the "heroics."

"Please don't send messages saying 'Thank you', 'You're brave', 'Thanks for supporting us' or anything along the lines of that. I'm just a guy who was bored and my country isn't doing great in terms of politics either," he said, in another post addressing supposed Duterte supporters supposedly irate at his response towards the "spamming"