Got paid? 4 tips on how to take control of your paycheck

MANILA - There's that moment every payday when all that you can think about is how you might feel after you buy something that you’ve been itching to get.

A little retail therapy never hurt anyone, after all.

There’s also a moment when you might feel like you need to get something to de-stress from a very long work week or an emotionally charged situation. This might mean that your wants control the way you spend, which is also called emotional spending.

According to psychologist and founder of Dionco James Dion, emotional spending can be a form of avoidance, or not wanting to deal with things that are confusing, or upsetting.

“People prone to avoidance behaviors must first confront their total financial picture, from expenses to checking account balances,” he said.

This can make you more prone to overspending and stretching your budget thin each month. Here are tips on what to do when your wants control your wallet.

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