Who are the happiest employees in the Philippines?

MANILA - People who work in government are the happiest employees in the Philippines, home to Southeast Asia's happiest labor force, results of a Jobstreet.com survey showed.

Government employees scored 6.66 points on a scale of 0 to 10, with 0 being extremely unhappy and 10 being extremely happy, according to the online job portal's "Happiness Index."

Employees in the education sector were the second happiest (6.53 points), followed by those who work in the oil and gas industry (6.49 points).

Workers in the business process outsourcing industry, a major employment driver, scored the lowest (5.99 points) but it was still above the neutral score of 5 points.

Filipinos are the happiest employees according to the survey of seven Southeast Asian nations, with an average satisfaction rating of 6.25.

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Great rapport with colleagues was cited as the top reason for happiness in the workplace, followed by convenient work location and the company’s reputation.

Other reasons for employee happiness include salary, benefits, leadership, career development, job security, culture, corporate values, training opportunities, work schedule, and immediate superior.

Here are the happiest employees in the Philippines ranked by industry, specialization, tenure, position level, and location:

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