If you are eyeing financial success but lack inspiration, you should hear the story of the man behind the chocolate-coated polvoron brand whose hard work, determination, and innovation spelled success.

Chocovron Global Corporation president and CEO Joey Yala, who started his business in Laguna while working as a maintenance employee, believes success awaits people who are willing to pursue their ideas and passion despite challenges.

“Isa akong ordinaryong empleyado na nangarap din magkaroon ng negosyo. So ako, naniniwala ako sa sinasabi na kapag hindi mo hinanap, hindi mo makikita,” he said.

Recalling the beginnings of Chocovron, Yala said seeing chocolate-coated marshmallows and biscuits in a grocery prompted him to think of a new product that is close to the heart of Filipinos.

Since then, Yala said he and his wife did not give the idea a rest until they "perfected" the delicacy. He said their neighbors and his fellow employees of almost 6,000 people became their first market.

"So sabi ko noon kapag nagustuhan ng mga tao dito sa loob, walang dahilan para hindi magustuhan ng mga tao sa labas," he said.

For the first few months of making chocovron, Yala saw the potential of the new product penetrating the local market. With just an P8,000 capital, Yala said he and his wife spent sleepless nights in order to deliver their product to more people.

But success did not come easy.

Yala said there were times he wanted to give up, especially when he fell victim to robbery.

Yala said he was on his way to deliver his products from work when he was held up, losing his hard-earned money to the culprit. He said the incident left him traumatized which made him decide to stop making chocovrons for a while.

However, Yala said his faith helped him resume his business with a more positive outlook.

Even without a background in business, Yala left his job after three years of making chocovron to dedicate more time in expanding his start-up.

He said innovation has since been the cornerstone of Chocovron as it boomed -- from the delicacy's original cookies and cream flavor, Yala said they have produced more flavors based on demand which became the trademark of the company.

Yala also credited the government for its contribution to Chocovron's growth. He said agencies such as the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) and Department of Science and Technology (DOST) helped in exposing the product to both local and global markets through various exhibits and events.

Amid rigorous market competition, Yala said he is confident with Chocovron's competitiveness, with its quality that he has taken cared of for years.

Having experienced hardships with his own business, Yala said people especially budding entrepreneurs should not be deterred by poverty and instead draw inspiration from it.

Yala added that it is crucial for anyone who wants to venture into business to know how to differentiate wants from needs and when to make the necessary sacrifices in order to achieve goals.

"There is no overnight success. Learn how to save. You should learn to plan and think of the years ahead," Yala said.