Among the 21 leaders expected to gather in Manila for the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Summit next week, Russian President Vladimir Putin may be really someone to watch out for.

Having met with world leaders, Ambassador Bobby Romulo named the Russian president as the "most interesting" of them all, not for his acts as a popular head of state but, this time, for his distinct demeanor.

“The most interesting was Putin. Not what he says but what he looks like in a meeting. He doesn’t break his eyes, no. Just like that. I’m serious," he said.

Romulo, who is also the founding chair of the APEC Business Advisory Council, shared how he and then President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo suddenly noticed Putin's peculiarity at a meeting which created a lasting impression on him.

“I was in one group in APEC, and I was with our president who was Arroyo at that time. I said, “Madam President, his (Putin) eyes don’t blink. So she waited a few minutes, she looked and said “oo nga 'no!,” Romulo said.

- ANC, Market Edge, November 09, 2015