MANILA-- As the cost of education go up every year, it is practical for parents to prepare years before their children start schooling.

Salve Duplito, resident financial adviser of ANC's "On The Money," said preparing for education expenses in advance is a must for parents, as even a few years lead time can make a big difference.

"So right after you see the pregnancy test, or right after the honeymoon night, you save up," she said.

Parents should also be careful in choosing the right investment and financial instrument to use to save up for their children's education. Getting an educational plan is very common, but it is also important to choose the right company to buy the plan from.

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For Duplito, those who know about investing should instead buy stocks.

"If you are investment savvy, buy stocks... then sell them a year before your child enters school," she said, adding that investing in stocks can also fit one's timeline.

She also advised those interested in buying stocks to learn as much as their can about investing.

"Before buying stocks, determine if you have time and inclination to read annual reports and study how companies work," Duplito said.

"You can keep those losses at a minimum by learning everything you can about your investment," she added.