MANILA - More and more people are getting victimized by fraudulent investment companies and scammers, despite warnings and advisories from authorities.

Salve Duplito, resident financial adviser of ANC's "On The Money," shared important tips on how to avoid getting duped by fraudsters and scammers.

The first thing one should remember before investing is to learn about it in an intelligent way.

According to Duplito, it is not enough to depend on friends or family to advise you on investing.

"Learn for yourself. A basic understanding of how investment really work will allow you to spot red flags immediately," she added.

Aside from learning how to invest, it is also important to "check your greed." This may seem like a weird advice, but for Duplito, it has a lot to do with keeping one fraud-free.

"When it comes to growing you money, don't be in a hurry. Slow and steady win the race. Hard work brings more fulfillment. There's something inherently wrong about wishing for mansions and mountains of cash that you haven't worked for," Duplito said.