Underprivileged young women now have a chance to study and make their dreams come true.

Punlaan School, a non-stock, non-profit school in San Juan, offers a two-year dual training program on hospitality and culinary arts to poor but deserving young women.

School director Anne Marie Jacinto said the women attend school for one year and another year of on-the-job training where they "get exposure and the right skills to be job-ready."

Students are later employed by partner hotels, ensuring a brighter future.

At least 40 scholars have been accepted into this year’s program and 80 more are open. Women who are 16 to 21 years old, stand at least 5’2,” and have a high school grade average of 80 are welcome to visit Punlaan School, take the entrance exam, and enroll immediately after passing.

They also offer a Senior High School program with a home economics track which employs a dual training format.

Their building currently houses more than 200 students and they are hoping to expand. Hence, they are going to hold a benefit dinner at Chef Jessie’s in Rockwell next month.

Since it started in 1975, Punlaan has produced a thousand graduates, all of whom are employed. Jacinto described the advocacy as “satisfying.”

“We’ve been there for forty years. We started in a garage as a school for helpers, and we still keep that program, but our major program now is the dual training for the hotels and restaurants. It has been very amazing how these women, once you have equipped them with the proper skills and work values—which we give a premium to—they can go on their own.”

You may visit their website, www.punlaanschool.edu.ph for more information on their programs and admission requirements.