MANILA - "Too careful."

That's how the top man at DMCI Holdings describes the Aquino administration when it comes to executing crucial projects.

While commending the performance of government, Sid Consunji, president of DMCI, said the Philippine economy could have grown faster if only much-needed infrastructure contracts were implemented quickly.

"The directions are very good, good governance, and good directions for infrastructure. Maraming plano, medyo atrasado lang 'yung execution, I think they were too careful at the expense of performance, I guess. We could have grown much more kung mas mabilis 'yung performance," he said.

Consunji also hopes the next government will be more predictable when it comes to concession agreements.

Maynilad, which DMCI has a major stake in, has been mired in rate rebasing issues after government denied its rate hike proposals.