For JG Summit Holdings President and Chief Operating Officer Lance Gokongwei, Indonesia remains as the ''holy grail'' in Southeast Asia, especially for manufacturing businesses.

"It's still the holy grail of the ASEAN. Indonesia has about 240 or 250 million people so definitely it's an imperative for us to build our business there," he said.

Gokongwei added that one of their snack products has already gained a following in Indonesia.

"We've built Piattos there, which is a potato snack, into one of the top three snacks in Indonesia."

"I guess on that basis we'd really like to build a sizeable business in Indonesia," he added.

As the head of one of the Philippine's leading conglomerates, Gokongwei shares that he makes it a point to always leave some time for himself.

"I always leave time for myself, just reading, you know and working out and the like."

He added that he does not like planning for things like birthdays and other occasions, adding that it stresses him out.

"I find that really stressful, planning. Planning these things are...I try to avoid unnecessary stress if possible."

Here is Gokongwei's full interview with Cathy Yang for ANC's newest show, "The Boss."