How you can save on holiday feasts


Posted at Dec 21 2014 08:59 AM | Updated as of Dec 21 2014 04:59 PM

MANILA, Philippines - Have you started planning your Christmas and New Year dinners?

On ANC's On The Money, celebrity chefs Roland and Jackie Laudico offered some tips on how you can have a great meal with family and friends during the holidays, without breaking the bank.

One growing trend is hiring chefs to cater private parties. However, be sure to book a chef months in advance.

"Whether you're a chef, caterer or restaurant owner, Christmas season will always be peak season," Roland said.

Asked about the cost of hiring a private chef, Jackie said it would depend on the caliber of the chef, the menu and the kind of service. It may range from P1,000 to as much as P3,000 per head.

"The menu will basically be the one to determine the costs because of the ingredients," she said. "If the ingredients are imported, it could go up to P3,000 per head."

Roland suggested booking a chef, restaurant or caterer before November, since Christmas is a peak season.

Jackie noted many popular venues would be reserved for Christmas parties as early as September.

If hiring a private chef is out of your budget, the Laudicos said another option is party trays and food delivery.

"If we are fully booked but the client wants our food, we give them a full menu or some of their items and we can deliver it to them or they can pick it up," Jackie said.

If you want to do potluck, the Laudicos said it is important to make sure everyone doesn't bring the same kind of dish.

Another tip when doing potluck parties is to have a theme.

"Aside from assigning (dishes to guests), you can have a theme so it's more fun. Like it's a fiesta, more Filipino dishes. It would be okay to ask what they plan to bring... so you won't have three seafood dishes and no meat dish," Jackie said.