Social skills help workers get higher pay: World Bank


Posted at Dec 19 2017 09:22 AM

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MANILA - Workers with socioemotional skills are likely to get paid more, especially in the Philippines, where the services sector drives economic growth, according to a World Bank study.

Extraversion, openness, decision-making, conscientiousness, grit, agreeableness and emotional stability are among intangible qualities that employees look for in a job candidate, said World Bank senior economist Pablo Acosta.

"Socioemotional skills are more rewarded in the Philippines that in other countries," Acosta said. The World Bank study also included China, Vietnam and Laos, he said.

Such skills are needed in business process outsourcing, trade and services, he said.

"We are entering an age where human interactions will become increasingly more relevant and countries like the Philippines are no exception," he said.

Those who have socioemotional skills are also more likely to finish high school and college and land a job, he said.