Businesses urged to collaborate in post-pandemic era

Jekki Pascual, ABS-CBN News

Posted at Dec 05 2022 09:12 PM

MANILA - Companies should work with other companies to create good products, said speakers at a forum.

At the Leadership Innovation Forum in Taguig, Dr. Christian Busch, bestselling author of "The Serendipity Mindset" told business leaders that it was important to work with other companies, including rivals.

He mentioned that even tech giants Apple and Google work together in some areas.

Don Rae, Senior Adviser for Globe Business added that the pandemic has taught the business community to work more closely together to have better products for the public.

"Companies have to work together for bigger goals," said Rae who cited their partnership with an insurance company to create a product that is good for the people.

Rae also said he sees good collaboration in the fields of education, cybersecurity and health. One company can partner with government or startups in order to come up with something good and useful.

"We don't run hospitals, but we can help hospitals run better," said Rae. 

Busch also said businesses should encourage collaboration and dialogue within the company. Employees too must be engaged. Bosses, he said, must make employees feel they are part of something bigger.

"Good leadership is about making people feel value and making them feel that they do something that's meaningful," said Busch.

He added that staff must be given clarity in its mission and vision, so even when unwanted things happen, they can adjust easily and see issues as potential points to become better. They must also be incentivized to think of creative ways to help the company and improve products or services.