Business Mentor: How franchisors can create work-life balance

Armando Bartolome

Posted at Dec 03 2022 08:05 AM

You already know how gratifying it is to be an entrepreneur or franchisor. Just like any career, being an entrepreneur requires a lot of time and energy. It can be more challenging when you are raising kids. 

Most of your time may be spent building and shaping your business, especially meeting the expectations of the franchisees. Some will feel guilty as their hectic schedule takes time away from their family. Problems within the family may occur. 

Your spouse and kids may not understand your goals and feel that they are being ignored or neglected. However, a wise entrepreneur will always know how to prioritize his time to balance work and family time to succeed at both.

An entrepreneur may tend to become a workaholic for various reasons. Workaholism can be caused by anxiety, low self-esteem, and intimacy problems. While these can be true, I think some people are just perfectionists and cannot delegate tasks. Instead of relying on others' help, he would do it himself to ensure he achieves what he wants. 

However, this mindset can affect one's personal life. 

You need to know how to balance your work and personal life by creating space for the people who matter to you. Understanding how to organize your business is essential so you can do other things and not be tied to your work 24/7. Both your work and home deserve your attention. Having a stable business is essential as it will help you build a better future for your children.

Key Things To Remember

Running a business requires much of your time, which is very understandable. But keep in mind that you should have control over your business and not the other way around. 

Never work more than necessary if other people can help you with specific tasks. This is why you need to find people whose expertise will be an asset to your company so you will not be a prisoner of your business. Never think your business will collapse because you are not there to control it. Franchisors ensure they find people with skills that are appropriate for enhancing the franchise relationship.

You need to take some time off because you need to recharge. You can create more strategies to accelerate your business when your mind and body are relaxed. You can think more clearly if you sleep at least 8 hours daily. Lack of rest can put a toll on your health. 

Remember that stress is the number one silent killer. Do not ignore the signs of stress like having stiff shoulders, headaches, tired muscles, etc. Building an empire is no use when it means sacrificing your health.

Don't hurry to reach your ROI in just a few months because it usually takes one to three years, depending on the kind of business. If you are in the early stages of the company, hiring a lot of staff to delegate tasks may not be possible immediately. Hence, you might need to spend some time doing them yourself. When that happens, ask your family to understand the situation. However, don't push yourself to do everything all in one day that you miss so many special memories with your family.

Make it a habit to come home for dinner as often as possible. Make time for your family. Never let them feel they are at the bottom of your priorities. Children have school activities that parents may be invited to join. 

Don't be an absent father or mother. Let your children feel that you value them. Children feel proud seeing their parents on these special occasions. Children grow up more self-confident when they see that their parents are involved in everything they do.

Hiring people to do tasks will open your schedule, so you can have more time doing other things and be with your family. This means sacrificing some control, but that will be worth it. To help you make things easier, identify the areas where you think you lack expertise and hire someone to do that for you. 

Create a team to help you with everything that needs to be done. That way, you can spend on areas where you are good and concentrate on those. This frees you a lot of time you can pay with your family.

You want to go home and be welcomed by your family. Your family can be more supportive if you let them feel they are as important as your business. Even if your business succeeds but you neglected quality time with your kids, the fulfillment may not be as great. Strive to keep a work-life balance for a happier and more gratifying life.

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