Tetchi Cruz-Capellan: Energetic CEO

Cathy Yang, ANC

Posted at Nov 30 2015 05:02 PM

MANILA - SunAsia Energy chief executive Tetchi Cruz-Capellan has a new solar idea.

In fact, swapping notes with UP economics professor Ernie Pernia on ANC's "Market Edge," she explored the prospects of building a totally independent micro-grid for poor Filipino communities to help alleviate poverty using renewables.

If you're wondering what this vibrant CEO runs on, it's exercise from playing badminton, and brisk walking four times a day around her subdivision or when her work takes her to Paris or Italy.

She also gets a lift from having a strong spiritual core.

For her birthday, she recently went on a two-week pilgrimage in Europe, visited the grotto in Lourdes and as an added blessing, got a private audience with the Pope.

She considers her husband and her five grandchildren the light of her life.

Her career path has always been to follow the sun, but if Capellan were not in her chosen advocacy, life for this former agriculture undersecretary would still be about making things simple like pushing organic farming, and enjoying the fruits like strawberries in Baguio City.