How a World War II rescue endeared PH to Cargill boss

Cathy Yang, ABS-CBN News

Posted at Nov 29 2018 06:51 PM

David MacLennan, CEO of Cargill, a company that supplies chicken to Jollibee. Handout photo

MANILA - For the head of multinational agricultural company Cargill, the Philippines is more than just another place to conduct business.

Cargill CEO David MacLennan said the Philippines is special to him and his family because the father of his wife would not have survived World War II if not for the help of Filipinos.

MacLennan said his father-in-law, Bill Foye was a wartime fighter pilot. While flying his Hellcat F6F during a mission in Luzon, Foye was shot down by the Japanese and his plane crashed in the jungles of Los Baños, Laguna.

Fortunately, Foye was rescued by Filipino guerrillas.

"They saved him. He went on to have 8 kids, one of whom was my wife," MacLennan said in an exclusive interview with ANC's The Boss.

"Foye and the Filipinos" details the ordeal and rescue of World War II pilot Bill Foye after his plane was shot down in the Philippines. Handout photo

MacLennan said he had visited several times the area where his father-in-law's plane went down.

"So for me and my family this is no ordinary country. It's a very special place and we have a lot of affection for the Filipino people," MacLennan said.

He added that his brother-in-law, Richard Foye wrote a book titled: "Foye and the Filipinos" which tells the story of their patriarch's ordeal in the Philippines during World War II.

"My brother-in-law was able to meet some people who remembered witnessing him (Bill Foye) parachuting out of his plane and helping save him. And they would have been 10 or 15 years old at the time."

"As I said it makes the Philippines a very special place for us."

Cargill supplies chicken to Jollibee Foods Corp.