Remembering life as a venture for impact this Thanksgiving

Carrisa Villacorta, PHTimeIsNow

Posted at Nov 28 2018 06:53 PM | Updated as of Nov 29 2018 05:41 PM

When I was putting together the PHTimeIsNow pilot event in New York last June, I needed to find an event coordinator. I would not be able to handle all the details while also organizing and hosting the event, but all the event people I knew were tied up. 

In order to mount PHTimeIsNow, I dedicated my full time and energy to this volunteer position for five full months. I did extra work on the side to pay the bills. 

One day, I was cast in a video streaming show, but the set was in deep Brooklyn and the time was late at night. I wondered and prayed what on earth I was doing there, expending energy, alone, in the cold, when I had to a lot of work to do to make the event work. I was not in the mood to talk to anyone, but God gave me the answer when I needed to learn how to fill out a form and tapped someone on the shoulder.


It was an old acquaintance I have not seen in 15 years. Marisa Marquez was an actor and producer when we met in our early 20s, and now she is a corporate event planner.

I told her about our event and our need, and it turned out to be a match for her skills, her schedule, and her own needs. She had what it took to mount what we were trying to create, and she wanted to be a part of it. But most of all, she said she said yes because I helped her produce her first play.

I do not even remember but she did not forget.

Give and forget. Receive and remember.

In life, we are often tied up in trying to survive, feel secure, and attain success that we forget that we actually need other people to achieve all these.

We get tied up accumulating things, space, trips that we can forget that a life worth living is a life of significance.

We want to find investors, donors, and sponsors, but do we invest in anyone's journey, in their hopes, and in their dreams, especially when they are beginning?

Last year, when we launched the Global Filipino Watch by a popular watch brand, we partnered with a non-profit school in Manila. This is so we could help build their library, and we could thank the owners of the watch, and see them as our #GlobalFilipinoHeroes for owning a timeless timepiece and contributing to a cause that will last a lifetime.

The limited edition design was made to signify the contributions of the global Filipino wherever they may be. And by excelling in their fields and giving to their communities, they are already living significantly. But I wanted to turn the idea into reality, and allow it to have a real and lasting impact.

We invested in the future of children we have yet to meet, but whose lives will somehow be affected by this gesture. There is an impact we are making - whether it is from our fellow donors and library builders who are already successful, or from those who are not there yet. 

In the meantime, we must create a life worth living on a path worth taking. And it is easier, or more fun, to create it together.

Happy Thanksgiving! We are thankful for you.

Carissa Villacorta is an author and a publicist. She is the creator of #PHTimeIsNow. She ran her own PR firm in New York since 2007, with high-profile business executives and multinational companies as her clients.

This piece has been contributed as part of a partnership between PHTimeIsNow and the 'My Puhunan' program. 

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