Marcos: Gov't must 'reinvent bureaucracy' to adapt to new economy


Posted at Nov 22 2022 06:29 PM

Screengrab from RTVM
Screengrab from RTVM

MANILA - President Ferdinand Marcos, Jr on Tuesday urged career government officials to adapt to newer ways of doing business and try emerging technologies to make the country's bureaucracy competitive. 

"The most important part is going to be how innovative we are and how agile we are," Marcos told career executives. 

"We in the bureaucracy must be able to handle the new ways of doing business, we have to be able to, we have to know the different ways that now other countries are doing business, that other governments are doing business," he added. 

This would make sure that the government is "coordinated" with its counterparts and it would be "well positioned for our people" to take advantage of fresh opportunities and investments in human capital.

Continuous training, however, must be part of the process, said the President. 

Video from PTV

"That is going to determine whether or not we will be able to adjust through all of these fast-moving events that have affected us without any control coming from us," he said. 

"If we do not digitalize properly, government function, we will never catch up, maiiwanan tayo ng ating mga karatig-bansa kaya kailangan matuto na tayo. Magaling naman ang mga Pilipino diyan," added Marcos.

"I therefore hope that you will join me in reinventing this bureaucracy.'

The chief executive earlier asked lawmakers to pass the E-Governance Act, which he said will promote the use of the internet and technology to provide opportunities for citizens. 

Marcos noted the importance of digitalization for doing business in government.

Marcos also said one "silver lining" during the COVID-19 pandemic is the faster adoption of technological innovations. 

It would be neglectful, he said, if the country would not acknowledge the trend.