Business Mentor: 12 ways to keep you productivity while working from home

Armando Bartolome

Posted at Nov 06 2021 09:14 AM


Since the start of the pandemic in March last year, many of us have had to live under strict quarantine, rarely leaving our homes, to keep the virus in check. 

Working from home has been challenging, especially for our productivity, as we navigate between work hours and family responsibilities at home. 

So how do we keep ourselves productive while working from home?

There are ways to balance having quality time together as a family without having to sacrifice too much at work or home. Here are some tips for making this happen:

1) Make Time For Family Activities Together
Spending more time together will help strengthen bonds between parents and kids. If possible, try scheduling activities during off-hours, so you don't disrupt your daily routine.

2) Plan And Be Flexible With Your Schedule
If you're trying to plan, consider how flexible your schedule needs to be. Some families need to adjust their schedules around school events, sports practices, etc., so accommodating those changes is critical.

3) Don't Forget To Have Fun!
You might think fun times would take away from other responsibilities, but actually, they add value to them. When you feel stressed about everything going on in your life, remember to enjoy the moments you get to share with your loved ones.

4) Keep Communication Open
Communication is essential to any relationship, including relationships within the household. Try talking through issues before they become problems instead of letting disagreements fester.

5) Take Care Of Yourself Too
Taking care of yourself doesn't mean neglecting others; instead, it means taking good care of yourself physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and socially.

6) Get Outside Help From Friends & Neighbors
Having friends who understand your situation and offer support can really help ease stress. They could even lend a hand with childcare duties or housework.

7) Find Ways To Stay Connected Online 
Technology offers endless opportunities to connect with friends and family online. Whether you prefer video chats, text messages, social media posts, or emails, technology allows you to be in touch wherever they live.

8) Remember That Everyone Needs A Little Space Sometimes
Everyone wants to feel appreciated and needed, but sometimes just knowing someone cares enough to ask, "How's it going?" goes a long way toward helping you feel better. 

I recall those early months when I felt my friends were suddenly quiet. I began a daily seven days a week of having a "Be Okay" Livestream. The purpose was to have each share what was happening and their thoughts. I found it challenging as the live streaming ran every day for 5 months, six days a week. The fulfillment was receiving how many viewers found inspiration.

9) Give Each Other Gifts Often
Gifts don't always have to be expensive items, either. Small gestures such as sending flowers or cards show appreciation for special occasions. Or maybe you'd like to give your partner a night out on the town once in a while. Whatever gift you choose, know that giving gifts shows love and affection. Checking and greeting your Facebook friends a happy birthday does matter too.

10) Create Memories As A Couple
Memories are priceless. Creating memories with your spouse/partner helps build stronger connections and strengthens your bond. If you have children, the more precious as they all become grownups, recalling the moments will never fade.

11) Spend Quality Time Alone Together
Spending alone time isn't selfish. It's important because we tend to reflect on our lives and what matters most to us when we have time to ourselves. This allows us to appreciate each other and grow closer.

12) Share The Load
When one person takes responsibility for some aspects of running the household, everyone benefits. Sharing chores makes things easier for both spouses and children.

In conclusion, I hope this article has helped you gain some insight into improving communication between couples and children, and friends. The world has no boundaries with technology in our midst. 


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