7-Eleven boss takes management cue from 'The Matrix'

Jan Yumul, ABS-CBN News

Posted at Nov 02 2017 10:13 AM | Updated as of Nov 02 2017 10:20 AM

For the head of the Philippines' largest 24/7 convenience store chain, being a boss is a lot like being The Architect in the science fiction classic, "The Matrix."

A boss is "the guy who puts up the platform that envelopes everybody's reality," Philippines Seven Corp CEO Jose Victor Paterno said.

For Paterno, this means designing a system where people do tasks and help each other "seemingly of their own free will" to run the company smoothly. 

"You can't really direct people digitally. They kind of see the data, decide what to do," said Paterno. 

The 7-Eleven CEO said that with this system in place, he doesn't need to personally oversee the operations of his round-the-clock retail empire.

"That's how we run things here," said Paterno.

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