Quick guide to Metro Manila's biggest cemeteries


Posted at Nov 01 2014 09:00 AM | Updated as of Nov 01 2014 05:00 PM

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MANILA, Philippines - Even though almost half of Metro Manila's population will be out of town during the upcoming All Souls' Day weekend, expect the biggest cemeteries in the Metro to be congested as Filipinos visit their departed loved ones this year.

Some visit not just their beloved ones, but also the people they idolize and admire, including famous celebrities and public servants.

For those who are visiting the cemetery on the Undas weekend, make sure your house and properties are all secure before going out.

Prepare your own food beforehand so that you would not need to buy overpriced goods sold around the vicinity. Check your bags and make sure you have your umbrellas, towels and first aid kits.

Make sure you are hydrated the whole time for your safety. Don’t bring sharp objects, speakers and liquor.

If you’re driving to the cemetery, have your car checked first and make sure you have your complete documents. As much as possible, park your car on high ground and near police outposts.

Most importantly, aim to save money by scouting around to compare prices of the usual things you need for the occasion: candles and flowers.

Below is an infographic on the biggest cemeteries in the Metro, so you know which roads to avoid during Undas weekend 2014.

Here are bonus safety tips for everyone: