3 Cost-Effective Ways To Party On Halloween


Posted at Oct 27 2017 03:34 PM

MANILA - Halloween was once considered a largely Western concept in the Philippines. However, a version of trick-or-treat has existed in the country from as far back as its colonial past.

“Pangangaluluwa” is still done today, mostly in the provinces, to usher in Nov. 1, or All Souls’ Day.

Like trick-or-treat, people (not necessarily children) go to different homes asking for prayers and alms. It is said that they are meant to represent the souls stuck in purgatory, and prayers from the living allow them to ascend to heaven.

Oct 31 and Nov 1 have been declared holidays, which means people are going to party. But how do you party on Halloween without breaking the bank? Here are 3 ways, and for more saving tips, visit the original article on MoneyMax.ph.