Grab launches instant messaging platform


Posted at Oct 25 2016 05:29 PM

MANILA - Ride-sharing service Grab on Tuesday launched an instant messaging platform to allow quick chats between drivers and passengers through the app.

GrabChat comes complete with commonly used template messages for drivers and passengers to enable safe communication between drivers and passengers, the company said.

“Many Filipino drivers and riders still rely on calls and text messages before a ride commences, either to help drivers locate passengers or inform drivers of a rider’s specific whereabouts," Grab’s country head Brian Cu said in a statement.

"GrabChat is part of making transport freedom a reality among Filipinos, as it provides an in-app communications solution to drivers and passengers, minimizing call and SMS charges,” he added.

An auto translate feature will be added to the service by the end of the year to allow regional travelers to communicate easily with local drivers. 

GrabChat is currently applicable for GrabCar and GrabTaxi services and will be gradually rolled out this week for all Android and iOS users.