How to be the best professional in the workplace


Posted at Oct 16 2017 11:27 AM

MANILA - Creating a personal brand and professional image starts with oneself, image consultant and book author Abbygale Arenas de Leon said Monday.

Arenas-De Leon, a former model and Miss Universe-Philippines, shared with ANC's Early Edition, some pointers from her book, "88 Things Every Professional Should Know... or else."

Here are some tips from the book, which Arenas-De Leon said would help readers separate their personal lives from their professional lives:


Traffic jams are no excuse for tardiness, according to the author. To overcome tardiness, she said people should plan ahead.

"If you're are late by 1 minute or 5, count the number of people who waited and multiple that by five that's how much minutes you have actually misused," she said.


Memorizing someone's name makes him or her feel important, Arenas-De Leon said.

She recommended memorizing the acronym "SAVE" to remember names: Say the name 3 times in a conversation to memorize it. Ask a question about the name or about the person. Visualize prominent physical or personality features. End the conversation by restating their names.

If all else fails, it doesn't hurt to be honest and ask for the person's name again, she said.


There's a difference between business card "networking" and "leafleting." It is not advisable to go around and just hand out business cards," she said.

Arenas-De Leon said professionals should establish rapport with people they want to connect with before giving out business cards.

"A business card will tell a lot about us, where we work exactly. We will have to make sure that we give it to the right people."


"Be yourself but be conscious," she said. People should be consistent with what they project on social media and in person to avoid confusion.

"You have to draw your brand and you're the only person who can do that, you just have to make sure that whatever you put online will have to be speaking on your brand," she said.


How people treat a person depends mainly on how they present themselves. Dressing up properly and avoiding inconspicuous activities such as gossiping, will save a person from various office conflicts, the author said.

"How you present yourself will give people a hint on how to react in front of you," Arenas-De Leon said.