How minority shareholders can make smart investment decisions


Posted at Oct 16 2017 03:27 PM | Updated as of Oct 16 2017 05:03 PM

MANILA - Minority shareholders in publicly listed companies should know more about the company they are invested in, even if their holdings are not enough to influence corporate decisions, financial literacy advocates said.

Officials of SharePhil, a non-profit organization promoting investor education, encouraged the public to attend annual meetings for stockholders.

Knowing how much the company has in debt and assets can help investors decide whether or not to keep or sell their shares of stock, SharePhil said.

"As minority shareholders, they cannot really influence the policies of the company, but they would like to have as much information in their hands so that they can make a decision on the shares that they own," said SharePhil president Francis Lim.

"If you know more about your company, if you know more about your obligation, not only your rights, the market will win. And when the market wins, everybody will emerge to be a winner," Lim said.

SharePhil also urged publicly-listed companies to make financial reports easier to digest for minority shareholders.