How to manage your paycheck better


Posted at Oct 08 2016 04:18 PM

Most Filipinos are having difficulty when it comes to managing paychecks, living from payday to payday.

To better manage one's paycheck, registered financial planner Jake Lingan gives the following tips:

1. Reassess your current money situation

Speaking on ANC's "On The Money," Lingan suggests identifying one's income and expenses. He said of the best ways to reduce unnecessary expenses is to categorize your expenditures.

2. Know where you want to go

Establish realistic goals and set a deadline. Identify expenses that you need to maintain and separate them from areas where you can reduce spending.

3. Cultivate options

If your income is not enough for your expenses, Lingan says there is no other choice but to augment your income either through a business or passion projects that can become money-making ventures. Attend trainings and seminars on self-employment.

3. Discipline yourself

Lingan says one of the best way to reduce expenses is to create an illusion that you do not have money since people tend to spend more when they have money.

4. Execute your plan with constant monitoring

Abide by your financial plan and monitor your expenses so you know how you are doing.

5. Always review your plan and adjust

Follow the four steps religiously with constant adjustment depending on your financial goals. Lingan says this should be done as a cycle to identify whether one is still on track or whether a reassessment of expenses is necessary.