As classes resume, Duterte appeals for better services from telcos


Posted at Sep 28 2020 11:19 PM

MANILA - President Rodrigo Duterte on Monday urged telecommunications companies in the country to improve their services as classes resume.

Duterte, in his weekly public address, said he hopes telcos can put an end to poor internet connection in the country.

"Our students will rely heavily on the use of electronics. I cannot discuss the specific gadgets because talagang ignorante ako diyan (I am ignorant in that matter), I must confess. But itong, the eternal complaint. Ever since telco came into being. It has been the agony of the Filipino people why until now ang telcos natin (our telcos) is very poor. Far and wide, in between the years of its introduction, ang (the) telco from the beginning, or the telcos, right from the beginning, were already being complained of as not delivering the money's worth of the people," he said.

"I don't know how to go about this. I just appeal to sa mga telecommunications, can you do a better job? Is there life after this kind of service you are delivering to the public? Kasi kung kaya ko lang mag-isang salita, nandiyan na kaagad, matagal nang natapos itong problema ng Pilipinas (Because if only I can do things instantly, this problem would have been solved)," Duterte added.

Duterte also appealed to local government officials to make it easier for telcos to set up towers and infrastructure in their localities in order for them improve their services.

"Sometimes, the operations or expansion of telcos are hindered by itong the so many requirements, from the barangays down, ito namang community. Of course, you have the right. Every citizen has the right to air his grievance," he said.

"Maniwala kayo, wala naman talaga itong... Let the telco do its job. Allow them to build the structures, towers if you may, para naman ma-improve nila (so they can improve). It's a chicken and egg thing eh. Which comes first, your cooperation or the zeal of the telcos to do better?" Duterte added.

The Duterte administration has been pushing for the ease of doing business to shorten the permit stage, including the construction of telco towers.

Both Globe Telecom and PLDT Inc have said they are ramping up spending to continue expansion plans and to improve services in the country.

Third telecommunications player DITO Telecommunity, mounting to challenge Globe and PLDT, is set to launch on March 2021.