Business Mentor: Promoting a positive environment within your organization

Armando Bartolome

Posted at Sep 28 2019 08:02 AM

In any kind of relationship, people need a sense of belonging to feel happy. This also true for a company.

As the boss, you need to create a workplace where employees feel valued, happy and confident. When the staff feels they can reach out to their boss, it makes them more productive and encourages them more to be their best.

Here are a few tips to create a happy work environment.

1. Know your employees. Knowing them does not mean just familiarizing yourself with their names and position. You need to truly know them well so you can have a deeper understanding of how he/she is as a person. An employee’s potential goes beyond his/her diploma. Know their character—how they treat others and if they possess leadership skills.

2. Call the attention of individuals who made the wrong decisions and let them understand what went wrong. Firing an employee, the instant that he committed a mistake is not a wise idea. The labor department would not be happy about that either.

3. Recognize the people that exceed expectations. This helps their morale and makes them believe in their capabilities. It inspires them to work harder.

4. Listen to your employees. Don’t be seen as someone who is unreachable. Your employees can sometimes share valuable insights that can help the company. Listening to the ideas of your workers encourages them to give their all at work.

5. Be frank but not harsh. You can always talk to your employees in a way that lets them understand where your anger is coming, without using hurtful words.

6. Show compassion. Encourage your staff to comfort an employee who may be having some personal problems.

7. Promote deserving workers. A quarterly evaluation can come in handy to distinguish those who provide excellent service. Also, a little adjustment to their salary shouldn’t hurt.

8. Push your employees who have potential. Some individuals may lack confidence in their capabilities. Put your workers in positions where they can grow as an employee and as a person.

This may be easier said than done because you also need to feel to be always up and about so that your workers also feel the same way.

Never be overwhelmed with all the responsibilities you need to face each day. Just say a quiet prayer before you begin your day at work and believe that you can conquer every difficulty thrown at you each day.


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