Dual lens smartphone battle: Which is best for you?


Posted at Sep 26 2017 06:28 AM | Updated as of Sep 26 2017 06:40 AM

MANILA - No amount of kit can replace a photographer's eye, but for the casual shooter, dual lenses on smartphone cameras offer a few tricks that can mimic professional effects.

Smartphone makers implement the twin lens set-up in very different ways and the right one for you will depend on what you use your mobile camera for. Here are the 3 dual lens set-ups from popular brands:


South Korea's LG, which has languished under the shadow of its much larger compatriot, Samsung, differentiates its camera with a wide view that enables users to capture more with the touch of an on-screen button. This works well with panoramas and scenery shots.

The distortion has been reduced significantly since LG first introduced the feature in 2016's G5 and V20. The lens set up is available on the G6 and soon on the V30

Photo taken using LG G6
Photo taken using LG G6


Huawei's approach, developed in partnership with Leica, combines color and monochrome versions of the same shot to create a color-rich effect that works well with portraits and food snaps. It is available on the P9, P9 Plus, P10, P10 Plus and Mate 9, with more improvements coming to the Mate 10, which will be announced in Berlin in October.

Photo taken using Huawei P10 Plus
Photo taken using Huawei P10 Plus


Apple's and Samsung's approach adds a telephoto lens that enable 2x zoom and a "bokeh" or macro effect. Apple offers the feature on the iPhone 7 Plus, 8 and 8 Plus and soon on the iPhone X. Samsung's implementation is available on the Galaxy Note 8.

Photo taken using Samsung Galaxy Note 8