North Korea in 'propaganda win' vs US: The Economist


Posted at Sep 25 2017 09:42 AM

MANILA - North Korea has scored a "propaganda win" with its saber-rattling, forcing the US to acknowledge its nuclear capabilities, an analyst said Monday.

Rhetoric from US President Donald Trump has gone to the level of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un and "it would be comical except for the risks involved," said The Economist senior Asia correspondent Dominic Ziegler.

"Pretty soon, it (US) will have to accept that North Korea has a nuclear capability and it will have to dig in for a long period of extended deterrence and containment of North Korea," Ziegler told ANC's Market Edge with Cathy Yang.

While Pyongyang's threats could be dismissed as bluster, Ziegler said "the risks of something catastrophic are rising."

"I think the financial markets are very bad at pricing the small risk of something very big happening," he said.