Business Mentor: Promoting productivity using a weekly planning system

Armando Bartolome

Posted at Sep 18 2021 09:52 AM

We often complain about how the day is too short for everything that we need to do. As entrepreneurs, we are expected to be on our feet most of the time. To avoid burnout, we should prioritize and create a system that will allow us to finish each task.

You need to learn how to plan your week. Not doing so is bad for your business. It is important that you plan your week with a goal in mind. You don’t finish a certain task just to clear them off your table.

The point of planning your week ahead is for you to have time for more important matters in your life. Enslaving yourself inside your office will have a negative impact on your family relationship, as well as your health.

One common mistake of entrepreneurs is making themselves extremely busy to the point that they no longer know how to delegate tasks. I understand that there are certain matters that only the entrepreneurs themselves should do. 

But failing to delegate certain tasks can make or break the business. Being productive does not mean doing tons of work in a day or a week. The result of each task you do should have a positive outcome, meaning, there should be enough time to think about each decision prior to finalizing. This ensures that you are able to take care of the business better.

How do you plan your week ahead?

Make it a habit to plan ahead if you want everything you have in mind done on time as you work proactively towards your goals. Give some time to think about what needs to be accomplished during the coming week and jot them all down. After going through what you have written, decide which should be prioritized. You may think of other tasks which might not need to be done in the coming week. But, just the same, go ahead and tick it on the particular week on your calendar which you think would be the most appropriate time to do them.

Having a planner will save you from forgetting important matters. When something pops in my mind, I immediately write notes about it and then decide afterward if it is an immediate task or if it can wait for a few days.

If you are new in business, there might be several things that need your attention. You can ask someone to help you with it. But, just the same, create a system on how you can get about everything that needs your attention.

A weekly meeting with your staff to start the week can help discuss what needs improvement with the business or what additional tasks need to be assigned to your employees. Give time to be with your staff so they can give their ideas about the business helps improves the working relationship and boosts the morale of the staff.

If there is a need for a client meeting, ensure that all details that need to be discussed are on your agenda. Your clients may come up with questions to which you should be able to have the answer. Compile all the necessary information so that you can pull them out when the need arises.

With stocking up inventory, if its needs to be done on a weekly basis, it is probably best to determine the quantity of each product being sold in a week and to have enough until stocks have been replenished. Setting a particular day to receive delivery is the best move.

Even if you have your own marketing staff to do promotion, you might have a thing or two to suggest to make the business flourish. Have a brief meeting with the marketing department and let them discuss their plans and how they will do about it. You may not always agree with what they present, so, make it easier for them by giving your own stand on how you would want the business to be perceived by the market.

The key to making it through the week is having enough time so that you can work productively. Not knowing what to do first can make you panic because you failed to do a certain task or have forgotten something that should have been prioritized. 

If you can set a certain amount of time for each task and make sure that you can hold on to that schedule, then that would be great! Just keep in mind that the success of your business lies in how you are able to manage your time well. 

Never stress yourself to finish numerous tasks in a day or in a week. Prioritize, prioritize, prioritize. Once you have gotten used to your weekly planning, you won’t feel overly burdened with work. Hence, you have enough energy to bond with your family.

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