Cebu governor wants 100-day total ban on pigs, pork products from Luzon

Aiza Layague, ABS-CBN News

Posted at Sep 18 2019 12:52 AM

CEBU CITY - Due to the threat of African swine fever (ASF) affecting some areas in Luzon, Cebu Governor Gwendolyn Garcia said she will issue an executive order regulating the total ban of all live hogs, pork and pork related products from Luzon on Wednesday.

Garcia announced the ban on all pork and pork-related products from Luzon Tuesday night during the emergency meeting of African Swine Fever Provincial Task Force at the Provincial Capitol called by the governor herself.

According to Garcia, the province of Cebu considers ASF as a serious concern, it being one of the largest pork producing provinces in the country.

She added that there is an immediate need to implement a 100-day ban in order to prevent the ASF disease from entering Cebu.

"There a difference between alarm and panic, we much rather be alarmed with what is going on right now because we have the DA that refuses up to now to admit that there is cause for alarm, what causes panic is non-information and not being educated enough, ignorance," Garcia said.

Garcia also ordered to immediately pull out and dispose all pork and pork-related products from Luzon displayed in all supermarkets, public markets, and hotels in the province.

But Mandaue Chamber of Commerce and Industry President Stanley Go suggested that instead of disposing all pork-related products that will be affected during the ban, it is better to ship back all products to the principal supplier in order to reduce the loss of revenues for businessmen.

"If we ship back the product to the principal at least the principal can still use the product sell it probably in Luzon where there is no ban, so I think we give them the option to pull it out and I think it is the least amount of damage on the side of the retailers," he said.