Selling your home? Here are 8 tips to get best price for it


Posted at Sep 18 2017 06:59 AM | Updated as of Sep 18 2017 08:27 AM

Selling your home? Here are 8 tips to get best price for it 1

If you’re selling your house or condominium unit, you’re probably wondering how you can get a better price for your property especially in a buyer's market. The answer is simple. Your house or unit may just need a makeover.

Given the big number of units that are now on sale, coupled with the ever-discriminating taste of buyers, you’d want to do some refurbishing to ensure that you get a good price for your unit compared to other similar properties in the market.

The good news is that you can actually take some steps so that can get a better deal on your property. With some cleaning up and minor renovations, your home can look better and command a better price without having to shell out a fortune in renovation costs.

Here are 8 tips to help you get the most when selling your home:

1. Clean up. You’ll be amazed how a clean unit can look a lot more attractive, and therefore fetch better prices. Before you invite any potential buyer, make sure to wipe away the dust, scrub the walls clean, and mop those floors. Some floor wax would create that new, polished look that will make your unit look new. A disinfectant spray can help dissipate any musty odor and leave your house smelling fresh and welcoming to buyers.

2. Declutter. Make your unit look bigger by decluttering. Overly stuffed cabinets, unnecessary items, and years of accumulated waste can take up precious space. Take out old furniture and items that have no use. Clutter can also make your unit look cramped and old. By eliminating all these, you can let the buyer appreciate how much space is available for use.

3. Fresh coat of paint can do the trick. A room can be transformed by a fresh coat of paint - what more for the whole unit or house? It can only help to raise the value of one’s home. What’s more, it doesn’t cost much. You can do a paint job on a 20-square meter room for less than P5,000. Paint makes everything looks new, and will allow your buyer to see your home in a better light.

4. No one likes leaks. Repair all broken pipes and plug all leaks, not only to increase the value of your home, but also to bring down your water costs. Don’t forget to check out the toilet valves. It doesn’t cost much to have these leaks repaired, but they can spell the difference on whether or not the buyer will buy your unit or not.

5. Let there be light. Take the time to replace broken lights and repair electrical connections. No one wants busted electrical connections, and they’re dangerous too. Get an electrician to check out everything to prevent fire hazards. Replace busted light bulbs and have all others replaced with environment-friendly ones. This will make your unit look spanking new and will assure your buyer that your unit is worth the price you’re asking for.

6. Replace kitchen and bath fixtures. Most home buyers check out the kitchen and toilet as these get the most use in any home, so do a few minor renovations on your kitchen. You may want to change the fittings to newer ones, and ensure that there are no broken tiles. You may even want to change the counter if it has cracks or is showing signs of age. Check out the ceiling too – no one wants moldy or oil-coated ceilings. If yours is moldy and dirty, clean it up or have it repainted.

7. Call the exterminator! Just one cockroach is enough to convince your buyer that your home is not worth the price you are asking for. If you have a recurring problem with cockroaches, vermin, or worse, termites, secure the services of a professional. You’re doing a service not only for the potential buyer, but securing the health and hygiene of your family and immediate community as well.

8. Green to liven up the place. A little greenery can lift the look and feel of a place. If you have a house, you may want to spruce up the garden a bit and put in some new plants. Take out overgrown weeds and dead plants which can be an eyesore. If you have a condominium unit, some potted herbs, which sell for as low as P50 each, can liven up the atmosphere of your place.

There is a whole range of things that you can do to improve the way your property looks. What’s important is to focus on what may be the obvious problems that could potentially turn off buyers.

It takes some work and a budget to improve the look of the house or condo unit you are selling. So invest the time and the money needed and watch your property command a better price in the market.

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